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Silk Sreen Print

The picture shows the principle of the silk screen - Durchdruck
A universal stencil pressure pressure or Durchdruckverfahren is the silk screen.
Today the stencil, named also pressure sieve, is manufactured mostly photo-chemical from fine coated sieve fabric from art fibre or steel wire. The silk screen can be used very many-sided to print objects of all formats, for example, front plates or cups.
With the silk screen the sieve is clamped in a frame. The Bedruckstoff is laid under the sieve and the color is poured to a place in the sieve. Now the sieve is laid on the Bedruckstoff. Between sieve and Bedruckstoff there are approx. 1-2 mms of air. This is called jump. Afterwards the color with the Rakel about the sieve is pulled. The sieve is solved and the pressure is ready. The silk screen, earlier also than "Serigrafie" called, is a compression matter with which the printing ink is printed with tools similar to wiper, the Gummirakel, by a feinmaschiges textile fabric through on the material to be printed (Durchdruckverfahren). At those places of the fabric where according to the picture motive no color should be printed the mesh openings of the fabric by a stencil have been made color-impervious.
In the silk screen procedure it is possible to print many different materials, flattens (folios, plates etc) as well as formed (bottles, device cases etc) . In addition special printing inks are used according to material. Principally paper reports, plastics, textiles, ceramics, metal, wood and glass are printed. The print format can amount to several meters in the extreme case. An advantage of the silk screen consists in the fact that the color order can be varied by different fabric delicacies, so that high Farbschichtdicken can be reached. However, in comparison with other compression matters the pressure speed is relatively low. The silk screen becomes used principally in the area of the advertisement and inscription, in the textile pressure and ceramics pressure and for industrial applications. The silk screen is called near the high pressure, the low pressure and the level print (offset printing) also Durchdruck, because the printing places of the silk screen form farbdurchlässig are. The printing form of the silk screen exists of a frame which is covered with a fabric. On the fabric a stencil is raised photographically (at artistic works sometimes also by hand). The stencil prevents at those places of the print format which should not print, the color order.
The printing form is fastened in a pressure machine about the material to be printed (Bedruckstoff). Now printing ink on the fabric is applied and is stroked with a Gummirakel by the open places of the stencil on the Bedruckstoff (gerakelt). Besides, the color is pressed by the meshes of the fabric and is applied on the Bedruckstoffoberfläche. After the pressure the printed material of the machine is taken and is laid out to the Dry one.