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The pictures show the principle of the digital pressure in the computer which is connected with a high edition number

Digital Pressure
calls a group of compression matter with which the print format will transfer directly from a computer into a pressure machine, without a static printing form is used. With the pressure system it concerns mostly an electric-photographic pressure system like a laser printer which is constructed for high edition figures. Also others
(Of 1th NIP procedures) find use, for instance, ink ray pressure for gro▀formatige posters and posters. In addition, the pressure system can show further equipment to the edge and bandages. The manufacturing of complete pressure products in the shortest time thereby becomes possible. Differently than, for example, in the offset printing no steady pressure model (printing form) is required with the digital pressure, so that every curve can be differently printed. That allows at a reasonable price personalized pressure like bills, credit card accounts, statements of account or also straight on the receiver coordinated advertisement (see direct marketing). In addition, multilateral documents can be printed without change of the printing form immediately in the right order, later gathering (sorting) escapes. Digital pressure is cheaper for smaller edition figures than an offset printing. Personalized pressure is possible economically generally only in the digital pressure, every now and then become z. B. with the catalog production digital pressure on the one hand and offset or low pressure procedure, on the other hand, combines. The digital pressure experiences a boom nowadays by digital photograph. Photo books, calendars, greetings cards et cetera are produced a million times directly by consumers.

(Of 1th NIP procedures)
Non Impact Printing (NIP) are compression matters in the pressure technology which can get by without steady printing form (for instance, pneumatic cylinder or stamp) and print a side differently in principle from pressure to pressure. Examples of NIP procedure are:

  • Ink ray pressure
  • Electric photograph
  • Magnetografie
  • Thermo pressure
  • Photograph (use with the photo papers which become from digital headed laser systems bebildet)

NIP procedures can be also called Direct Digital Printing (DDP) or computer to Print (ct. PRINT). See also: digital pressure